Stucco is one of the most misunderstood exterior applications available in today’s market.

History has been kind to stucco and has documented it as one of the all time premier building materials! It still adorns the early 19th century town homes of Charleston, S. C… It drapes the 600 year old ruins of ancient Siam. Vestiges of its maintenance free nature are evident in the ruins of 6,500 year old Qasr-e Shirlm in modern Iran.

Stucco is simply composed of cement, sand, lime, and water. It can be hand mixed with a cement-hoe, or machine mixed. Typically stucco is directly hand applied to sound, unpainted CMU or Brick surfaces. It can also be applied over wood surfaces when tar paper and galvanized metal lath (or chicken wire) is installed first.

The cost of having new stucco applied is similar to that of brick or stone, making it a relatively expensive exterior option. But, like brick and stone it is lasting, versatile and maintenance free.

We specialize in new stucco and stucco repairs. When others may recommend a complete overhaul of your stucco exterior or masking the problem with a cheap siding installation, we offer solutions that can repair and/or restore your stucco to its original condition.