D.L. Boyd, Inc. was established by Leo Madison Boyd in 1930, during a time when plaster was the premier ceiling and wall building material used in the United States. As such, the demand for plasterers and plaster service was extremely high and Leo Boyd’s young company flourished in this environment until his death in 1960. Leo’s son, Don Boyd, succeeded his father and took over the day to day operations of the profitable, little company.

Don matured on the job and lead the company into the early 80’s when his eldest son, Doug Boyd, decided to forgo a promising career as a Fire Inspector to help run the family business. Successful years went by with father and son running the business side by side, but the invention of the less labor-intensive and thus less expensive product commonly known as “sheetrock” caused most plaster-repair businesses nationwide to close shop. However, Don and Doug decided to dig-in and maintain the family business as one of the only qualified plaster companies in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.


Don and Doug decided that they needed to expand the business beyond their current Washington D.C. based plaster-patching service in order to compete with the emergence of sheetrock. The company branched out into¬† new application of Plaster and Stucco, taking on large, commercial projects, and historical restorations. Tile, paint, drywall, and EIFS repair were added to the company’s growing list of services.

DL Boyd also decided to expand its service area to include Baltimore, Annapolis, and Northern Virginia and the D.C. suburbs of Montgomery, Prince Georges, and Anne Arundel counties. The expansion of services and service areas, along with Don and Doug’s determination to maintain the high level of quality that had made them the premier plaster-repair company in the DC Metro area, helped the company grow into perhaps the best, most diverse service company on the East Coast.


One of the keys to D.L. Boyd, Inc’s continued success since they opened shop in 1930 is that the owners have paid special attention to the day to day operations of the company, and have made themselves accessible to the company’s good customers. Today Doug and his son Derrick are the Boyd front-men and they are as involved in the day to day operations of the company as were their forefathers Leo and Don, remaining available to meet with and solve the problems of their good customers.

The company has always prided itself on integrity and honesty. “One of our company mottos is that we are always honest” says Derrick Boyd, great- grandson of founder Leo Boyd. “My father and mother continually emphasized the importance of being forthright and maintaining a high level of personal integrity throughout my childhood and adolescence. This was the philosophy of my grandfather and great-grandfather as well. I know this because as I’ve learned the business, and the reputation we’ve built over the last 85+ years, I’ve always been able to hold my head up high. I’m proud of our company, and the polite, honest way that we’ve treated our customers.”